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What is Blogadise?

Blogadise is a blog portal where you can start your own blog for free. A blog is a website, your own website where you can write about whatever you want. Publish stories about your life, your interests, or anything else that you want to share with others. A blog can also be a good alternative for companies that needs a simple website. After creating a blog you can start blogging immediately, easy peasy!

Modern Responsive Designs

Create great looking blogs by choosing among a variety of modern ready to go layout templates, and then costumize them the way you want to make your blog even more unique. Our designs, both the blogs and blogging tools are fully responsive. Which means that your blog will look amazing, and your blogging experience will be great on both mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Fun Blogging

Collect blogging points while blogging and raise your blogging level. The more blog activity and visitors your blog have the more blogging points you will collect. The higher level you are, the more fun your blogging experience will be. Another way to collect points is to refer your friends to also become bloggers. Who will reach the highest level? :)

Earn Money

Yeah, that is correct, - you can actually earn real money by blogging, for free! The more visitors your blog has the more you will earn. The only thing you need to do is to show some special advertisements on your blog. One more absolutely cool feature is that you will also earn money when your friends that you have referred earns money. And if you have a premium membership you will earn twice as much.

Be Seen

Except from blogging points you can also collect something that is called blogging coins. The higher level you are the more blogging coins you will get. Each day you will get 10 times your level coins, - for example if you are level 50 you will get 500 coins every day. You can then use the blogging coins to be seen by other people by creating advertising campaigns for your blog and posts which will be shown on other peoples blogs and on the Blogadise homepage.

Social Media

Share your blogs and posts with your friends on Facebook and other Social Media. A perfect way to bee seen and get more visitors!

Blog Statistics

On Blogadise you can view statistics for your blogs. View plots over how many visitors your blogs have etc.

Special Features

On Blogadise you can find tons of other cool special features. See some of them below.

  • You can create multiple blogs and manage them all directly from your user panel.
  • You can follow other peoples blogs that you like and get notifications directly when they post something new.
  • If there are people you do not want to post comments on your blog, then you can block them.
  • Let people search for content on your blog by activating the search input field.
  • Activate the Google Translate plugin and let people translate your blog to another language with just the click of a button.
  • Preview your new blog design before publishing the changes for other people.
  • Use a password to protect your blog if you only want people you know to visit.
  • Setup a contact page with a contact form on your blog which people can use to contact you.

Premium Membership

You can purchase a premium membership to upgrade your account to a premium member. This will give you access to even more special features. See the premium features list below.

  • Use your own domain name, for example
  • Create Spotlite Campaigns and show them on the Blogadise homepage.
  • Create more blogs.
  • Choose among more layout templates.
  • Earn twice as much money, both from your blogs and from your referrals.
  • Hide advertisements if you want.
  • Ability to change your blogs name if you want.



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